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A Story about


Backwood Studio is a multidisciplinary project and an ongoing creative process. It started out with a desire to cultivate an artistic playground to grow as individuals. First t-shirts were printed November 2014, selling out from our school lockers. Investing in a few pieces and reinvesting the money to create something new.


The pieces became a great way to bring people together. We travelled around Montreal, attentive to the architecture, looking for the best spots to merge with our street aesthetic. Every collection was an opportunity to go out and explore, making new friends, sharing experiences, and expressing ourselves in this urban environment.


  Pushing forward this little culture of ours and the city behind it, the brand took some expansion and received support from many regions of Quebec, Canada - as well as internationally in the US & Europe. Till this day, we create to build experiences, bring awareness and share our passion for Arts.

We seek to connect with more local & international artists while bringing our community together with Music & Visual Arts. 


We are also currently conducting research in garment sustainability and demystifying the ways in which we could improve our Quality & Impact - while actively seeking trust-worthy Partners to help us deliver on our goals.


We are a movement in evolution,

thank you for being part of the story. 


-Alexandre Nuance

Founder, Art director.

Photography by Sofie Hojabri @Streetadventures



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